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U Fit Cooking Class!

Get ready for U Fit's first cooking class! Do you struggle with knowing HOW to prepare your food and making TIME for healthy eating? Do you dream of eating healthy while feeding your family healthy meals but just CAN NOT find the time or energy to CLEAN EAT? Well we have a solution for YOU! Get ready for this EXCLUSIVE one night event on Thursday evening, February 18th at 6:45pm! Chris Eberly is passionate about teaching people how to clean eat and prepare healthy meals with EASE! She cooks and prepares her meals with fresh spices and ingredients and will teach YOU how to do the same! You will be SO EXCITED to get this knowledge and education from her including how to cut and prepare a fresh whole food stir fry, how to use a cast iron skillet, fresh vinegars and salad dressings that make your mouth water and a salsa to DIE for!! Everything is made fresh and prepared right before your eyes! You will get to taste everything she prepares and will walk away with knowledge, recipes and education to last a lifetime! Spots are EXTREMELY limited due to space around our U Fit bar so BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY!! See U there!!

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