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Weight Loss Accountability Classes
Looking to lose weight and keep it off for good? Our weight loss accountability class is on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm! This class starts March 7th and goes for 8 weeks in length. The cost is $79 for the entire series. Our class offers challenges and incentives to keep you motivated. You will weigh in privately and also meet as a group to discuss proven strategies for success. No confusing points or calorie counting - just education to help you learn how your body reacts to what you eat. Our goal is to give you life-sustaining tools and education that you can keep forever.


Learn Topics such as:
**How to beat sugar addiction
**How to reduce inflammation
**How to stablize blood sugar 
**How to reduce hunger pangs
**How to maintain weight loss
**How to eat intuitively
**Food demonstrations & Meal ideas

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